He looks tired.

Can you talk to Pandora?


You must mend your garment.

I don't know if that's true.

He will without doubt succeed in the exam.

I made the fact known to all my friends.

I asked her to call me at five o'clock.


He is always natural with other people.

Sylvia lives in Alsace.

The car has been acting strangely.

I remember Lui talking about that.

Mike can't play baseball well.

What are you so scared of?

It's bad for your back.


No one seems to know Ken.

I'm not drunk. I'm as sober as a judge.

We have many members.

I don't like the way you decorated this room.

What was so valuable?

Is your mom at home?

We have fun here.

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Her cheeks were burning.


I'll keep it a secret. Don't worry.

Her reply was evasive.

In 1862, Congress had passed the Homestead Act.

Tell Rabin which one to take.

Let's go to Vernon's house.

I'm going to catch a ride back with Ron.

I want to go for a frolic in the rain.

Cheese often lures a mouse into a trap.

The test of democracy is freedom of criticism.


Marek pulled up in his car.

Protect yourself at all points.

I don't know who my mother is.

Why didn't he stop smoking?

Noriega has surprised me.

A lot of soldiers died here.

It is now the time when the nuts are ripe, so let us go to the hill together and for once eat our fill before the squirrel takes them all away.


If she should come to Japan, Jane would be very happy.

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The bread is baking in the oven.

Do you mind our leaving a little earlier?

You're never late.

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He told me everything.

That's free.

He is my neighbour.

Albumin was found in my urine before.

What's Kenton's job?

Don't accuse him of that.

I had a chat with Lester.

I've never even told my wife.

To do him justice, he is not equal to the job.

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I'm waiting to hear from Tricia.

You have been skipping school for a week already.

We should tell him the truth.

Can I talk to you in private for a second?

I want mine.

Sabrina hid himself behind the door.

His face says that he lost.


Come over to my place.

You must take this medicine, whether you like it or not.

I think you've been in this town too long.

Mom was busy with her sewing.

Boston is the kind of place I want to live.

What are your pet peeves?

Florence Foster Jenkins was one of the greatest sopranos of the world.

I'm going to get right back with you.

I've never understood him.

I never was a good housekeeper.

Please send me your photo.

Not everything you try works.

His obscene remarks will be expunged from the record.


Enjoy the party until the end!


I studied Chinese in Beijing.

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The sad part is that nobody will ever know.

I want to see what there is inside.

The country's economy has developed making use of its rich national resources.


Rathnakumar has chosen you.


While employed at the bank, he taught economics at college.

As I entered the room, they applauded.

Jisheng told me that he couldn't blame me for breaking my promise.

Your father is a very nice person.

I'm sure Tad's answer would've been no.


We've lived in Boston three years.

Can you take me to them?

This is the first time I've looked Marika in the eye.

To grasp the full significance of life is the actor's duty; to interpret it his problem; and to express it his dedication.

I don't seem to remember who I am.


I heard what you were saying.

I'll drop you off at the station.

He's too young to live by himself yet.

Is the richest country in the European Union richer than the richest state in the United States?

You're working hard, eh. But don't push yourself too hard.


I blame myself.

History is replete with the stories of unappreciated genius.

Finally we arrived at the lake.

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I bought this book at the bookstore in front of the station.


It doesn't matter either way.

We invited him and, lo and behold, he didn't come.

Please reread the article.

I retired three years ago.

The words escaping his lips bear no meaning.

I know nothing except that she left last week.

It was obvious that he was trying to get her attention.

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I'm closing my store.


Everything in this crane is computer-controlled.

The young man is often foolhardy.

Health is not just the absence of illness or disease.

We can't leave her there.

I will stay at home.

Salmon can jump up to 12 feet high.

She wants children, but he doesn't.


That's not scary.

Do you speak Italian? - Not yet, that's my first lesson!

I think that's a lot of malarkey.

Love is blind. Hatred is also blind.

I don't even want to think about something similar happening to you.

These pants are too fancy for me.

I was busy with work for the term exam.


We got along great.

I want the best.

I'll find her.


Polly is very upset by what Kylo told him.


Do you want me to go away?


We have decided to leave our daughter to herself after she left school.

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The boat can still be seen.

I could have someone find out that information for you.

Martin is coming back here to pick me up.


Jelske was arrested and charged with murder.

This doesn't make sense.

I hate sushi.

I think Mahmoud is trying to say something.

Brush your teeth every day.


The point about enclosure is that the configuration of ethnic groups must be clearly described.

Have you got a brother or a sister?

He is reputed the best lawyer in this city.

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Vance's plan didn't sound stupid.


Latvia has kicked off the new year by becoming a member of the Eurozone, and will thus be the eighteenth member of the zone.


We must deal with this problem right away.


Were you responsible?

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I felt my heart pound after running a little.

His car got no more than fourteen miles.

The streets are filled with an air of exoticism.

We had to agree to total confidentiality and sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Lester is no dummy.

More information is available on our website.

You remember it?

His business returned a good profit.

Politicians are cashing in on public apathy.

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We've got to try and stop them.

Charleen didn't apply for the job.

Her sudden departure surprised us all.

Shaw is a yodeler.

You asked about her? What did she say?

I suppose I could wait a little bit longer.

That isn't the case in Japan.


Steen hasn't been arrested.


I don't need a counselor.


How do we get rid of Darci?


On many occasions I don't agree with him.